Biggest Turn Offs for Women

Nobody likes to experience turn-offs while being in a relationship. It completely dampens your mood. In this article, we have listed some of the biggest turn-offs for women in a relationship. This is a must read if you are already in a relationship or trying to woo someone.

Mixed Signals

Women in general hate people who give mixed signals. If you want to win a girl’s heart, you should be absolutely clear regarding what you want from her and the relationship. Don’t try to give her mixed signals as it will just destroy her mood and will make her zone out of the relationship. There is nothing in between for a majority of women. Either you are completely in a relationship or you are completely out.


In today’s ear, showing your superiorty or dominance won’t work anymore. Femals like having partners who believe in equality. It will be complete turn-off for them if you force your decisions and take the control of their lives. You need to understand that you and your partner are equal participants in a relationship. You should ensure that you give proper space to your girl and not impose yourself in her life.

Small Talks

By nature, women are someone who like indulging in deep conversations. They are not someone who would be happy with small talks or formalities. Most of the girls like having partners who are interested in their lives and like discussing things. Make sure that you spend good enough time with your girl and try to build constructive conversations with them.

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