Billionaires: The richest person in the UK and the world

Amazon boss Jeff Bezos lost his title for 24 hours as the world’s richest person last week because of the shares fell 7% on Thursday and affected his third-quarter earnings. This pushed Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, reported Forbes. However, the Amazon founder’s net worth was again before on the following day.

Forbes says: “It’s possible Bezos could lose the crown once more as Amazon continues to invest heavily in infrastructure to support one-day shipping – a delivery time that he hopes will become standard for all Amazon Prime members.”

The magazine further adds that Bezos’ fortune is “heavily reliant on the performance of the company he started”, while Gates is “much less dependent on his own creation”.

Here are other top richest people around the globe:

1. Jeff Bezos, $110.1bn

The former hedge fund manager turned online bookseller who started Amazon in his garage in 1994. He has invested a hefty amount in space technology and he also owns The Washington Post newspaper.

2. Bill Gates, $106.2bn

He is one of the permanent members at the top of Forbes’ list for the past 20 years, the founders of Microsoft has sold or given away much of his stake in the company and now owns only 1% of Microsoft.

3. Bernard Arnault, $101.2bn

He is the wealthiest European on the richest people’s list. He has an empire of over 60 brands including Louis Vuitton and Sephora.

4. Warren Buffett, $84bn

The Berkshire Hathaway chief executive who is known as the “Oracle of Omagh” is one of the most successful investors in the world of all time. Like Gates, he has also given away over 99% of his wealth to charity.

5. Mark Zuckerberg, $70.3bn

Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook in 2004 at the age of 19 and now he is among the top five richest men in the world right now.

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