Birthday activities for boyfriend

Birthdays are undoubtedly the most special day in our lives. And when it comes to the birthday of our boyfriends, we girls don’t spare a chance to make it even more special.

However, planning the activites for his birthday can be a bit stressful. But you need not to worry, we have mentioned some interesting activities which you can organise for him and make his day special.

1. Treasure Hunt
Collect some of his favour objects like chocolates, statues, and some mini gifts
Write some interesting and romantic clues and let him reach to them one by one. Surely, it’s gonna be fun as well as loving.

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2. Body Massage
It’s not just women who get tired. Men tirelessly work and rarely talk about their stress. Why not give your man a romantic body massage, which makes him feel relaxed and make you love more?

3. Gift every hour
Make his day exciting by bringing something new to him when the clock strikes every hour. It can include his favour snacks, chocolates, pictures of you two, getting a call from his loved ones, videos etc. This way, he’ll enjoy the entire day.

4. Blindfold surprise
Decorate a room with your lovely memories, balloons, frills etc or book a hotel/room/lounge for him. Make him sit in your car. Blindfold him. Play his favourite music and drive him to the destination. Take him to the surprised spot and open. By then, let him feel the suspense. And, he’s gonna love the surprise and how you got him there.

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