Birthday gift for husband after marriage

Is it your husband’s first birthday after marriage? If so, you must be really confused or nervous with choosing the right gift. Gifting something touching really makes sense, as it can lead to a great and long term impression into his mind.
In this blog we have suggested a few gifts you can consider gifting him to win his heart:

1. Watch
Oh no! Not a normal watch. Get a couple watch, one for you and other for him. Men are generally fond of watches. And if that watch reminds him of you? He would love it even more. Wearing similar watches will definitely help grow your bond too!

2. A customised wallet
Wallet is yet another mandatory thing for most men. If your husband keeps a wallet too, gift him a new, customised one this time. How about a wallet with his picture and name, or both of yours? You can check it out here!

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3. A long drive
Apart from the materialistic gifts, a long drive for two of you would be absolutely perfect! Is he the one who always drives or you plans for holidays? If so, he would love when you do it too!

4. Self-made Scrapbook
Handmade scrapbooks are touching! Collect all of your memories in pictures and get them printed. Now bring our your creativity, and paste them, write things that remind him of those moments you spent together happily.

5. Surprise party
Trust us! He would love to see his family , friends and you together. Plan a surprise party inviting all of the people he loves and make him say ‘awww’. You can also plan a theme party, if you think he would love it.

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