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To many people, social media can seem like a pointless, irrelevant medium, one that is completely detached from the world. To others, however, it is an accessible medium that gives them a voice, that allows them to express themselves without limits, which allows them to access spaces they wouldn’t otherwise be able to. This is especially true for people of color. Many times, people from the black, Asian, or indigenous communities are denied access to spaces, denied representation, and denied a voice. However, social media networks give black creators, Asian creators, and indigenous creators all of these things.

Thus, a platform like Instagram can be huge when it comes to supporting creators from these communities.

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So, we found 5 black creators for you to follow on Instagram.



A dancer for the Metropolitan Opera Ballet, Byers has worked with some pretty big names. According to his website, he has danced alongside “Grammy Award Winner, Erykah Badu, Tony Award Winners, Jennifer Holliday and Melba Moore, and Tony Award Nominee, Felicia P. Fields. He has been featured in New York Magazine, Dazed Digital, and Tribeca Film as a dancer in Erik Madigan-Heck’s “The Enemy,” choreographed by Elena Vazintaris, as well as Dance Magazine, Dance Spirit Magazine, Pointe Magazine, Tribeca Magazine, SoHo NYC Magazine, and Central Park West Magazine. In addition, Antuan performed as both a dancer and choreographer in the music video “Bury Me” by The Skins featuring D.R.A.M.”

Antuan’s feed goes a long way in shattering ideas created by racism and the patriarchy. In a society that tells you that black men are supposed to be strong, angry, and dangerous, Byer’s pictures tell you that the reality is anything but that.


Barnett is a contemporary artist that started the Black Artists+Designers Guild.

“BADG is a global platform representing a curated collective of independent Black artists, makers, and designers across various art and design disciplines who are at the top of their respective fields.”

“We strive towards creating an inclusive arts and design environment, through equity and inclusivity, by providing visibility and opportunities for our members.”


You might know Amina when she was recently was in the news after calling out “Bratz” And “LOL Surprise” Dolls for plagiarism after they introduced a doll that looked like her.

Amina is an extremely colorful creator, as her Instagram feed will prove to you. Her feed is proof that sometimes, the world really can be all sunshine and rainbows.

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You can buy her art in the form of posters, stickers, and even clothes!


Featured in countless books and magazines, including Harper’s Bazaar UK,

Lina Iris Viktor is a Liberian-British conceptual artist, performance artist, and painter. She lives and works itinerantly between New York and London.”

She works with dark tones, and 24-karat gold, and her work is nothing short of breathtaking.


If you’re the kind of person who spends the whole day salivating after gorgeous-looking food on Instagram, Adams’ profile is the one to follow. The founder of Grandbaby Cakes, Adams was inspired by her grandmother to start baking, and she is also the inspiration behind Adams’ recipes, as well as her book Grandbaby Cakes. It was “released in eptember 2015 and was featured as a top fall cookbook by People Magazine, Vanity Fair, Yahoo! and Epicurious.”

“I hope to inspire a new generation of bakers and cooking enthusiasts to learn kitchen skills and not feel guilty about enjoying dessert. At an early age, I loved visiting Mississippi to watch my grandmother, or “big mama” Maggie as my family affectionately calls her, bake. Big mama bakes cakes that literally have her neighbors lined up around the block waiting for a taste. She not only invents (yes, she developed all of her own recipes) the most delicious melt-in-your-mouth desserts I’ve ever tasted, but she also infuses them with so much love.”

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