“Black Lives Matter = Defund The Police” – What Does It Mean?

Defunding the police has become the clarion call of the “Black Lives Matter” protestors. As radical as the idea sounds, it has some popular public support behind it.

The most optimistic versions of the demand go as far as asking for a complete dismantling of the police system. In fact, Minneapolis, the site of the infamous George Floyd killing has already announced the first steps towards such an initiative. Los Angeles and New York City have followed suit by cutting down on police funding.

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"Black Lives Matters = Defund The Police" - What Does It Mean?
Protestors painted “DEFUND THE POLICE” next to Mayor Bowser’s “BLACK LIVES MATTER” mural on the road leading up to the White House

However, there is still confusion about what the protestors actually want out of this. President Donald Trump is seizing this opportunity and villainizing them by arguing that they want an orderless society. However, that is far from the truth.


The protestors argue that the USA is among the most heavily policed regions in the world. Excessive surveillance is most often targeted at the vulnerable black communities and they are punished with more brutality.

Root causes of crime increasing like education and healthcare are rarely given enough funding as the police system. That means that the USA has tried to suppress a problem rather than take the more difficult path of curing it all together which would create long term solutions for the country. The current plan targets Black Americans disproportionately.

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In the coming days, politics will increase over the issue. Joe Biden has already indicated that he is not going for the radical stand. He knows law and order is a sensitive issue in the USA and can swing key states at the last moment.

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