Body Parts You Should Not Wash Often

From our childhood we are taught to take a bath every single day of our life as it helps in maintaining personal hygiene. It is advised to clean our body daily using soap and water so that it doesn’t contract any skin infections or bacterias. However, there are some body parts that are extra sensitive and don’t require daily cleaning. Instead washing the below mentioned body parts frequently can affect them in a negative manner.


You should not clean your ear frequently as the earwax is not dirt. Rather it collects all the dirt and debris from inside of the ear and then comes out to the outer ear carrying them out. Also, cleaning your ear with cotton on any other thing can prove harmful. If you take out the ear wax from the ear canal, your inner ear will become unprotected and can be in direct contact with harmful substances. Secondly, there are chances that while cleaning your ear canal, you push the wax further in that prevents it from flowing out naturally. It can prove fatal for your hearing organ. The wax is continually produced, and it rolls in on itself and becomes larger, deeper, thicker, and denser over time. That buildup could give you hearing trouble or an ear infection.



The worst you can do to your hair is to shampoo them every time you get in a shower. Though you do that just to get more shiny hair, studies suggest hair actually looks shinier and less dry when it has a bit of natural oil. Instead of washing your hair daily, try to stick to a schedule of using shampoo twice or maximum thrice in a week. You will be easily able to make out the difference. Also, if you have dry hair then wash them just once in a week. However, if your hair falls under the oily category, then try to wash them thrice a week but not more than that.

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Vagina is the most sensitive part of a woman’s body. Though a strange smell down there might compel you to douch it, it can have a negative effect. Cleaning vaginas with plain water is okay but using scented soaps can make the matter worse. Scented soaps can play with the ph level of vagina which can result in bacterial vaginosis. Thus, make sure to use only water or unscented and gentle soaps to clean your private part.

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