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Twitter had announced about their Bookmark feature way back in October, 2017. They were testing the feature for a long time, until the 28th of February, 2018, when Twitter officially launched their Bookmark feature.

What was the previous scenario?

Earlier, if you want to save a particular post or link in your break time, in order to look into it later, then you would have to select the ‘Favorite’ or ‘Like’ button. (It is the heart shaped icon). This option had two main problems –

  • Assume you actually ‘Like’ the content – Much like Facebook, once you like a content, it automatically seems like you are in favor or in support of the content. You may have liked it just to keep it aside in order to read it later. But since there’s no dislike option or like Facebook’s emoticon option, which shows your anger, joy, love or sadness with respect to the content.
  • ‘Liked’ content can be viewed publicly – Once you click on the heart shaped button, not only will the original content’s owner get notified, but even the entire public can have a look at what you have liked. Basically the like button makes the other people have a look at whatever post or content you have liked. This is done from your Twitter profile.

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These problems have caused a lot of trouble to many people including celebrities. In fact, it became a matter of interaction in people’s privacy.

Few such incidents include – Melania Trump liked a tweet that seems to imply she hated her husband (perhaps accidentally); or when other high-profile individuals – like Harry Styles or Ted Cruz – had liked porn.

In order to make a note of the links so as to read them later, few people ended up privately saving them via DM, or by tweeting themselves. Few used to also open that particular link in another tab, or in notepad or mails.

What does the Bookmark feature do and how to use it?

Thus, to avoid all the mishap, Twitter launched their Bookmark feature with which you can easily save the post or content. And they need not worry about it being viewed publicly because the saved content can be viewed just by you.

It is quite simple to use this feature. All you have to do is to click on the share icon (which looks like an arrow inside an open rectangle). This icon is on the right of your Like or heart button. This opens many options like ‘Send via Direct Message’, ‘Add tweet to Bookmarksand ‘Share tweet via…’ (other options). So you select the one that says Bookmarks.

In order to view all the saved content (bookmarks), you need to go to your profile icon’s menu, and select the option that says ‘Bookmarks list’.

Twitter’s Bookmark feature is available worldwide on Android as well as iOS. It is also available for Twitter Lite app and

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