Brain Hacks to Boost Productivity

One of the main problems of today’s generation is to be productive in whatever they do. There are times when we try to indulge in multiple activities but we don’t get any substantial result. In this article, we will discuss the hacks one can use to boost productivity.

Set Your Aim

You should never be aimless as then there won’t be any direction you would be sure of travelling to. Most people aren’t able to focus because they’re not clear on what to focus on and for how long. Give yourself a productivity boost by choosing a specific task to do for a specific amount of time.



Meditation is one of the best things one can practice to calm their mind and build focus. It is a very simple and effective method and helps in maintaining physical and mental fitness. Apart from that, meditation also helps is thinking from a sorted mind.

Take Breaks

It is a human tendency that our brain can’t concentrate on a particular thing for a long period of time. After spending a considerable amount of time, we tend to lose focus and interest. In such scenarios, the best strategy is to work for 25 minutes and a five-minute break or working 50 minutes with a 10-minute break.

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Avoid Temptation

Distraction is a difficult habit to overcome. It feels good to go from bored or stressed to amused when we scroll our social media handles or interact with our friends on WhatsApp. However, it is important that you avoid such temptations during your breaks too, to boost productivity.

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