Bridge a disconnect between Black Americans and Africans: Flyshikis

The facebook page of Flyshikis reads;
“At Flyshikis, We inspire pride of the African Culture. We do this by fusing modern and Traditional African Fashion and design in order”

Flyshikis is a clothing line famous for its bright and vibrant African-inspired patterns. However, the man behind the creative African fabric, hopes his designs will have a meaning that goes beyond fashion.

Founder of Flyshikis, Isaac Appiah, showcased his innovative clothing line and voiced that his core mission is to merge past and future fashion. In the midst of Black History Month, Appiah believes that fashion is a perfect way to connect to your core roots.

Appiah grew up in an area known as Official Town in Ghana but later migrated to the D.C. area in 2006 while he was in high school.
He told that he grew up in a low income family and are where he didn’t even know where the meals would come from, but still spent his childhood happily.

Appiah was inspired to create and sell clothing after wearing an outfit in public and receiving compliments on the African prints.
He told that he feels the need to represent his culture.

The fashion designer also explained how his brand stands out from others. The brand also attempts to educate his customers about the clothes and their origins/associated history.

“For instance, we have the Kente print, right? That Kente print was only worn by kings and queens when they had like a huge ceremony,” he explained. “That’s the only time they wore it. So, you’re wearing a cloth that was worn by kings and queens, you know, because we were kings and queens.”

Appiah said customers who have embraced the culture, history, and fashion have felt a sense of empowerment and confidence about it. And that, Flyshikis hopes to bridge a disconnect between black Americans and Africans.

“So, we were all black first — No. We’re all black, but we’re Africans first,” Appiah said. “We’re using fashion as a way to connect people to their roots.”

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