Samsung, the name has it all! The standard Samsung carries is enough to woo any one of us. It’s devices are worth owning and people long for the same. The technology it comes out with is beyond one’s imagination. Every product that Samsung manufactures and releases carries with itself, a unique factor – a factor that separates the other products from Samsung. The brand always reaches out to a plethora of technologies with its products. With its very strong competition with Apple and Google, it has managed to create its own popularity! A popularity with every product launches. This time, it is the Samsung Galaxy S10 which is entrusted to carry a brand new photography feature. The Bright Night feature aims to capture multiple images and processes the picture with a brighter look. It is not a new invention or something, but it definitely is a feature to look forward to!


The feature focuses on high-end picture quality

It has put all the efforts in providing with the best picture resolution to the users. This is the sole reason why the Samsung Galaxy S10 is worth waiting for. Firstly, the feature requires the user to keep the phone still while clicking the picture. Secondly, once it’s done, the feature automatically recommends the Bright Night when the picture is taken in a poor lighting. However, this feature isn’t a new concept as many device makers use the same feature, including Google, Huawei and OnePlus. Comparatively, Google’s specifications on the same feature has come out as impressive and appealing to the users when used in dim lights.

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Specifications are one of a kind by Samsung

The latest revelation, the Samsung Galaxy S10 to unveil with the best state-of-the-art features. Apart from the Bright Night feature, there are modifications in its night mode interface. Every release of Samsung has a new enlisted feature including the new scene optimizer technology in Note 9. The addition of slow-mo to the Galaxy S9 was an add on to the product. Soon, these specifications could accustomed in older handsets. News has it that the product is to release in the month of August. The new product will have a substantial change from S9 which includes an in-display fingerprint sensor. The eye-catching feature consists up to six cameras in a single device and a hole-punch Infinity O display. An upgradation yet to anticipate in its camera. With these coolest specifications, the new Samsung Galaxy S10 is worth vouching for.

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