Caffeine Good For Health, Proved By Recent Studies

In news that would make the heart coffee loves exclaim with joy, it has been discovered that caffeine has good effects on the body and the brain.


According to a study conducted by Johns Hopkins University and the National Institute of Aging, caffeine is beneficial for the body. It can promote cognitive performance. Additionally, it can also provide protection against stroke, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

This is true for regular coffee intake. It can make the brain resilient and more flexible.

This isn’t just applicable to caffeine consumed in coffees. Caffeine found in tea and dark chocolate can also prove to be beneficial for the brain.

Caffiene Good For Health, Proved By Recent Studies

Most people believe that the consumption of this stimulant, no matter what, had adverse effects on your cardiovascular health. However, recent studies have proved that regular coffee intake actually leads to a lower risk of cardiovascular diseases in women.

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New studies have linked caffeine consumption to various brain-related benefits. Some researchers have proved that it can lead to sharper mental focus, along with a lower risk for brain cancer. The antioxidants found in coffee, tea and chocolate also help to protect cells from damage.

Caffeine has also been linked to weight loss and a sharper mental focus. Research has shown that it may improve your mood and enhance performance during exercise.

It can also lead to health benefits for the body. Caffeine is often associated with a lower risk of Type 2 diabetes. However, the amount of milk, cream, sugar and syrup added affects its capability to do that.

Caffiene Good For Health, Proved By Recent Studies

Some studies also link daily consumption to lower risk of total mortality, including deaths from heart disease, nervous system diseases and suicide.

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One to two cups of caffeine (maximum) daily is advisable, according to The American Heart Association. However, it is important to consume it correctly.

There is a compound in coffee that increases the amount of LDL cholesterol. This needs to be removed by brewing coffee using paper filters.

Some studies suggest that four to five cups daily can lead to an improvement in brain health.

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