Camila Cabello On Makeup, Fitness, And L’Oréal

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re probably familiar with Camila Cabello. The Cuban-American singer-songwriter rose to fame after becoming a member of Fifth Harmony in 2012. However, she left the group in 2016, and she won multiple awards for her solo projects.

Camila spoke to Vogue about makeup and self-expression.

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“Every day I exfoliate because from the shows there’s a lot of make-up, sweat and dirt on my skin and just from being in a lot of different places – a lot of different airports – you have to really deeply clean your skin. So I exfoliate every day, and I use this honey moisturiser that I got. Then sometimes I’ll do face masks and clay masks and honey masks.”

Camila Cabello On Makeup, Fitness, And L'Oréal


“I think that there’s such a difference between the make-up that I wear when I’m not working and the make-up that I wear when I am. So when I have a day off and I am wearing make-up at all, I usually just wear mascara and lip gloss and tinted moisturiser. Honestly now I’ve been using my collection. I use the lip glosses, whether it’s the brown one (Desnudo) that smells like chocolate, or the pink one (Camila). I’m very addicted to the smell and the brush is really thick and big and feels really good on your lips, so I love applying lip gloss. For shows, I tend to play around more. And I think for red carpet it really depends on what I’m wearing. I think I do less colour. I haven’t really done a lot of red carpets this year, so we’ll have to see for the next one.”

Camila Cabello On Makeup, Fitness, And L'Oréal


“I’m pretty bad at keeping fit other than the fact that I’m always moving around and running around. My show that I do every night is super active – there’s a lot of dancing and I jump around a lot. So it’s hard because on a show day I don’t have enough energy to work out, because I’m most likely already low on energy. So I have to be better about that! But I think that once my schedule gets better and it’s less like airports every day and I have more time, then I’ll be better about fitness and being healthy.”

Camila Cabello On Makeup, Fitness, And L'Oréal

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“I think as I’ve gotten more confident and freer, I take [beauty] less seriously. I feel like it’s just hair and it’s just paint, you know? So your body and your face is just a canvas for you to explore and experiment with different things. And so I cut my hair, I got bangs… I used to do the same shape of eyeliner, the same colour lip, the same thing every day. And now for every show I try to switch it up and it makes me more excited about the shows. Doing the same show every night but changing what I wear, the colours in my hair, or having purple eyeshadow… It makes me excited. So I think I’m just more confident now and I take it less seriously – I just play and experiment.”

Camila Cabello On Makeup, Fitness, And L'Oréal


“They asked if I would be interested in collaborating with them on a make-up line. It was the first make-up collaboration that they’ve done with one of their spokeswomen, so I was a little bit hesitant because music has definitely always been my focus and always will be, and I’m very picky about the things that I do and the things I do with the little time off I have from my shows and my music. But I was really into the idea because I realised I don’t pretend to be a make-up mogul like Rihanna or Kylie. I don’t know how to do fancy make-up tricks – fancy eyeshadow, fancy contouring – I don’t know how to do any of that. But I just realised with this line I don’t have to pretend to be anything I’m not. The products are all products that I wear, and that I would wear on a day off. They’re super simple and easy to apply, and you don’t need to be a make-up guru or an expert to apply them on your face and know that they’re super high-quality products.”


“I wanted the title of this collection to be Havana because to me this collection represents, you know, on a hot summer day I wouldn’t want to wear any kind of foundation or product that feels like it’s heavy on my skin or causes me to break out after. So it’s very natural and sunlit and glowy. It’s the brand’s first liquid bronzer that they’ve ever had and it’s a very golden, almost shiny bronzer, eyeliner and these lip glosses that I use literally every day. Everybody tells me how good they smell.”

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