Can Clothes or Shoes transmit covid-19?

With the new normals and rules of social distancing coming in, we have made changes in our lifestyle. Giving more importance to personal hygiene, washing hands and sanitizing frequently has become a part of our lives.
While we are cleaning frequently-touched spots, we rarely pay attention to our clothes and shoes that also go along with us everywhere. So can clothes and shoes carry virus and transmit it?
There’s a lot we don’t know about this virus, but it’s highly unlikely that if you are visiting. Grocery store, you would contact covid-19

via your clothes or shoes.

The virus is spread by respiratory droplets- coughing and sneezing by an infected individual in close proximity to another person are the most likely means of direct transmission.

However, due to the capability of the virus to survive outside the human body on different surfaces , transmission may be possible , if touched.

Transfer of the virus via clothing is unlikely, but according to some experts, immediate laundering is a good idea in some scenarios.

1- If you were in close proximity of an affected person or someone has sneezing near you, you may need to wash your closes immediately.
2- If you are a front line worker, you should not avoid washing it.
3- It you haven’t maintained social distancing at grocery stores or wherever you made a visit. It’s best to ensure you follow social distancing measures.

What about shoes?
Shoes have more chances of gathering bacteria from the surface. And the sole of shoes is found to act as a carrier of virus, according to a study done in Wuhan. However, we already treat shoes the way they should be. We don’t keep it on table, chair, kitchen or our mouth. So the chances of getting virus is less. However, it’s suggested to put off shoes outside your home to prevent virus from entering. And ensure that you wash your hands after putting-on or off shoes.

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