Can dogs transmit covid-19?

Corona virus has sprawled tensions across the world. Increasing fears are also raising the concerns on whether dogs can get or transmit the virus to humans? Many photos of dogs wearing masks have surfaced online with questions raised from dogs owners. While, the abandoning rates of pets specifically dogs have gone up since the spread of the pandemic.

So here are the answers to the most common questions;
1- Can dogs contract corona?
Dogs can carry and transmit many viruses, but covid-19 hasn’t been found to be transmitted by dogs. As per the WHO, it is spread by droplets produced when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or speaks.

2- Can dogs spread covid-19?
According to an epidemiologist and representative of China’s National Health Commission, pet owners should be cautious with the health of their pets, and should ensure that dogs do not come in contact with crowd and basic practices like washing hands before and after returning should be taken care of.

3- Is it safe to pet my dog?
Yes, it is safe to pet dogs, cats or any other pet animals during covid-19. However, basic practices like washing hands should be taken care of as these are common sense. Also, do not let kids or babies touch pets and if they do, their hands must be washed or sanitized.

4- Can i take my dog to everyday walk?
Well, exercise and walk is very important to maintain the mental and physical health of dogs. Corona may be spread by social contact, and thus prevailing lockdown can help fight it. Get information on the laws in your country, and avoid going out or re-scheduling your walks for time and place with less crowd.

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