Can Money Really Buy Happiness?

We are living in a world that’s increasingly driven by the motivations if earning money. Why not? In a world where most pleasures are achieved in the market, there is no reason for a human being to not be financially motivated.

In 1991, the Soviet Union broke down in one of the biggest ideological warfares in the history of the human world. This meant the complete domination of a single ideology, the capitalist one. Dreams were created for us by corporations. We were constantly sold the idea that what we want to achieve can only come through money.

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Things like community are subservient to the individual. With a new era dawning, the rise of the individual came parallel to the rise of the importance of money. However, is it true that money guarantees you all happiness? Well, this understanding has some major flaws and has been proven wrong time and again.


Statistical data shows that the rise in financial income is not commensurate with the rise in the happiness level of a person. This is precisely the reason why despite achieving financial mobility with the advent of liberal capitalism, the Indian middle class remains among the most depressed in the world.

There are specific reasons for that. The moment money becomes an end in itself and not the means towards your wellbeing, you are made to toil as hard as possible in order to make more and more finances. However, at some point, money becomes even more important than happiness itself.

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Can Money Really Buy Happiness?

Which means that you cut down on your leisure time. You overlook that travel holiday that was there in the contract if your job because it might mean less money. We are increasingly living in a world that’s creating dreams for us.

Whom does it benefit in the end? Obviously, the big corporations who are creating your reality. A prominent example of this is the famous “American Dream” phenomena that has driven the United States of America. Working-class populations are sold the idea that with the right amount of hard work, they can achieve anything. However, that’s not really true. The fact of the matter is that the world is so constructed that no matter how hard you work, some dreams are never achieved.

However, when you are unable to break the glass ceiling that has been sold to you as achievable, you encounter mental health issues. The need of the hour is to change this way of thinking. We need to tell people to dream their own way in order to achieve a world that’s less money-oriented.

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