Can music help work better?

Music is something which we all listen. Although the genre may be different. Some prefer listening to romantic songs, while some love listening to disco songs.

Various studies have been conducted disco songs. For many, it depends on mood and the work they are doing. A large chunk of population plugs in earphone while working, and many offices and workplaces have installed music systems that are played throughout the day.

Many research studies have been conducted on whether music helps improve the concentration and work efficiency, or does it distract people from their job?

According to a research article published in 2012, music negatively affects consuming and remembering a new piece of information. While, the right kind and choice of music positively impacts work productivity thus improving performance.
Many employees have told that they feel better, relaxed and more active when they listen to background music according to their mood. For many of them, it even helps work more creatively.
It was observed that almost 80% of them do not even know of the lyrics being played in the background. The music helps them work with full concentration.
According to some companies, music helps push away the distancions that may be in the form of any other noises.

Thus, music can not just be enjoyable , but it can also refresh your mind and help you work better.

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Aastha Kochar

Aastha Kochar

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