Can one lose virginity without having sex?

A lot of women and men are really confused or unclear of whether or not a woman can lose virginity without having sex, and sometimes misinterpret if she is virgin.

So firstly, it depends on how you describe virginity. In general, virgin is a term given to someone who has never experienced sex. Some people, however confuse it with the presence of intact hymen as being virgin. But here i would like to clarify that you need not necessarily have a hymen when you are born.

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Also, it may break out or you may lose it in the early years of your teenage due to exercising or any other factor.
A lot of men are curious to know if their wives are virgin and therefore they want that ‘proof’ on the first night. For them, if the woman bleeds, she is a virgin, else not.

But as i mentioned above, your hymen may break out even without having sex. Even even if it doesn’t, not necessarily you will bleed. Therefore, it is a totally futile way defining or judging and the guy should not be affected by what his wife has been doing in her past and just trust her with her words.

So , if i was to tell whether you can lose your virginity without having sex, then the answer is NO , YOU CANNOT, given that the definition of virginity is as mentioned above.

However, if you believe it is just having the hymen and bleeding, then yes you can lose it even if you don’t engage in an intercourse.

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