Can ‘Reverse dieting’ help with weight loss?

The term ‘Reverse dieting’ isn’t common, you’ll hardly find any research done about it.

However, “Reverse dieting is a term used to describe a period after a calorically restricted eating protocol during which you slowly work to increase calories back to a maintenance level.”
So, you’ll find the term discussed within the competitive weightlifting communities, wherein body builders maintain a low-caloric diet pre- competitions , and post which, reverse dieting helps increase the calorie count by gradual units.
No one can maintain a low-calorie diet for lifetime, and even if they do, the level of happiness and activeness may decline.
However, all of a sudden if a person increases his or her calorie intake, after a long period of having a restricted- calorie  diet can lead to many health consequences.

Why would i want to reverse my diet?

1-The most common is to bring calories (and strength) back up to a healthy and sustainable level after a prolonged weight-loss diet.

2- A reverse diet may also be implemented to accelerate fat loss and avoid a fat-loss plateau when dieting.

3- Finally, a reverse diet may be implemented in an attempt to increase an individual’s metabolic capacity and stretch the ability to intake calories while holding at a maintenance weight.

Is there anything wrong with reversing diet?

Not many studies have been conducted on results of reversed diet, do it’s difficult to predict it’s result and if it can benefit in weight loss.

Also, according to reverse diet, the calorie intake should increase by only 50-100 units per week. Although, it’s too difficult to maintain it, as a single snack item can lead to that increase. And keeping a calorie count becomes difficult. Thus, it’s advisable to give time to workout and remain active throughout the day to burn excess fat.

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