Can wearing Face Mask help prevent Coronavirus?

Corona spreads fear

Given the latest news on Corona-virus outbreak in centered in china, fear about the disease and increasing death cases is triggering the minds of people all among China , US and the world.

There hasn’t been any drug or vaccine found for the prevention of Coronavirus.

So people have been buying face marks in large quantities in Los Angeles and New York.

US pharmacies are running out of face masks. And the online popularity and sales of these masks is growing like anything.

But can a face mask really prevent the disease?

They’re definitely not foolproof. By wearing a paper surgical face mask, you’ll mostly just be doing everyone around you a solid, rather than protecting yourself, says Robert Amler, M.D., Dean of New York Medical College’s School of Health Sciences and former chief medical officer at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). “Face masks, like those used in surgery, are not designed to protect people who wear them, but instead keep their own droplets, when they cough or [spit], from landing on others,” he explains.

The major problem found with these masks is, these paper surgical masks are somewhat porous and can allow air leakage around the edges, adds Dr. Amler.

That being said, these basic surgical masks can block some larger particles from reaching your mouth and nose, and they can serve as a reminder not to touch your face.
But they can simply not prevent the virus infecting people through physical contact.

So, should i wear a face mask?

If you are dead-set on wearing a mask for protection, it’s better to go for an anti-pollution N-95 masks approved by the FDA.

Although, wearing of mask isn’t officially recommended in order to prevent the virus, but people with weak immunity or those with higher risk of respiratory illness can still wear an N-95 mask.

  • If not masks, are there any other ways to prevent it?

To lower the risks of virus being picked up by your body, you should ensure that you wash hands frequently. Staying cautious and at distance from direct communication from people with the infection may also help. Apart from that, being hydrated and boosting immunity seems some of the options that can lower the risk of catching the virus.

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