Candace Bushnell Talks About Her Second Feminist Book

After bringing the sex lives of women to the mainstream through her iconic book Sex and the City, Candace Bushnell is back to the forefront of feminism by another new book that will explore the currents of #MeToo.

The book is aptly named ‘Rules For Being A Girl’. Interestingly, this will be Bushnell’s first fictional work aimed at young adults. It throws an exposing light at the harassment that many young girls have to go through in high schools, colleges and other academic places. A teen’s life is turned upside down when her high school teacher attempts to kiss her, a story heavily inspired by Bushnell’s own college experiences.

As per Bushnell, professors making passes at students was a regular occurrence. Interestingly, her co-author is feminist teen writer Katie Cotugno. Let’s find out what Candace Bushnell had to say.

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Candace Bushnell Talks About Her Second Feminist Book


Bushnell explored the difficulties of being a feminist writer and how things were slowly changing –

“It’s more overtly feminist than my other
books. There’s an openness to these kinds of stories that wasn’t there 10 years ago … In the past, if you wanted to write something that was more feminist, you were highly discouraged by publishers. It’s something that young women are much more aware of. It seems like every generation has to relearn feminism.”

Candace Bushnell Talks About Her Second Feminist Book

The new book tries to warn girls about the rampant sexism in high school. Particularly, with a 21st-century perspective. “One of the things the book captures is typical high-school sexism. It can be a place that’s very regimented in terms of what’s acceptable behaviour for each sex,” Bushnell said.

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She added – “I think this is a book that hopefully, teenage girls will put down and say: ‘hmm, this is something to think about, this is something to discuss’”.

The book is supposed to act as a mirror to all powerful men in the society. Sexual harassment is not something exceptional for women in these tough times. Wherever a powerful man has the opportunity to exploit his position to extract sexual favours like in an office space or school or college, these incidents read their ugly faces.

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