Car-cleaning to prevent covid-19

The best way to prevent corona is to stay at home. But, there may be times we need to travel, may it be for providing essential services or for buying groceries or medications. What becomes essential while travelling is to ensure that youe car is clean and disinfected.

To keep your car clean, follow the above points:

1- Wash hands
Washing hands seems to be the most effective way to keep yourself away from the virus. Make sure you wash your hands frequently and specially 5 minutes before and after you drive, return home, eat, meet people, buy anything.

2- Use right tools
To clean your car, you may use a disinfectant. However, it may erode the leather surface. Thus, using a mild soap and water may prevent virus from spreading and also keep your seat in good condition.

3- Wipe the high-risk areas
Some parts of the car, that you frequently touch, must be cleaned well, even if not the entire car. These are the steering wheel, gear shifter, lane change and windshield wiper stalks, door handles, radio knobs, infotainment controllers, storage bins and seat belts. make sure you clean these before or after every drive.

4- Be more cautious with children and aged people around
Kids do not follow good hygiene. While, elders are at great chances of catching the virus. Also, if they are suffering with any health conditions such as diabetes, cancers or high blood pressure, their chances of virus as well as death even in increases. So, make sure you clean the surface really well if any of the two sits in the car.

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