Car View – Spotify’s way of streaming app safely while driving

Ever wondered how you could listen to Spotify in your car without having the fear of crashing while you’re fidgeting with the app?
Well, it looks like the gods of Spotify have finally heard your prayers! Spotify had announced in a post to its Community Forums, on the 17th of January, 2019, about their launch of Car View. Here is more insight over this news.

What was the announcement made by Spotify?

Spotify announced this news about Car View on their site, as mentioned below –

“This week Spotify launched car view–a simpler Now Playing view that allows for easier use when listening to Spotify in your car over Bluetooth. Now, available globally to all Android users, car view can help make listening to your music and podcasts more enjoyable.

When you connect to your car’s Bluetooth, the car view is enabled automatically as your music or podcast starts playing.

To search, tap Your Library, Browse or Search. Once you’re listening you can use the seek bar to skip to another part of the song/episode. Free users will be able to enjoy the experience via shuffle mode.

You or another car passenger can opt out temporarily (until you next connect to a car) directly from the car view by clicking the three dots menu. You can also opt out of the feature permanently from within your Spotify settings.

We’ve highlighted some top questions you might have below. Be sure to comment in this thread if you have any other questions. For feature requests or changes to car view post an idea in the Spotify Idea Exchange here.”

What does Car View do?

Spotify already ties into a few other apps to ensure you can safely control your music while driving. That includes Google Maps, Waze, and of course Android Auto. This new Car View, though, integrates directly into the Spotify app on Android.

Car View is basically Spotify’s way of making it easier to use its streaming app safely in the car. But this would work only if your phone is connected to your vehicle via Bluetooth.

This was first spotted on the 16th of January, 2019, by 9to5Google.  However, some users have had the option for weeks in what had appeared to be a slow roll out or possibly a test, pre-launch.

More Insight –

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It includes the following features –

  • Larger fonts.
  • Larger control buttons.
  • No album art distraction.
  • Simplicity view of just the title of the track and of the artist.

When the phone connects, Car View is automatically enabled when your music or podcast starts playing.
Notably, though, a lot of functionality from the standard Now Playing screen simply isn’t available. You can only skip tracks, play/pause, shuffle, or favorite tracks.

Is it Available to all?

Currently, Car View is available on every Android device (only when the device is connected to the car via Bluetooth. It is now rolling out globally to all the Android users.

Spotify also noted that this feature supports landscape view, and will arrive on iOS in the future. Although it didn’t offer a time frame.

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