Cara Delevingne On Beauty and Burberry

Cara Delevingne doesn’t need an introduction.

She has made a big name for herself in the modeling industry, and has also acted in many films. In a world that was obsessed with perfect, shaped brows, her bushy brows became their own brand.

Cara Delevingne spoke to Vogue about beauty, Burberry, and Rihanna.



“I’m not someone that is so adamant on an everyday thing, you know sometimes a face wipe is enough. I have started using anti-aging products quite young cause I think, why not? It’s ideal, thank you. Add that in. I’ve started taking collagen as well which is really good for your hair and nails. Prevention is what it’s all about. I travel a lot and it does impact my complexion. I get bags under my eyes and then I don’t look and feel my best. Beauty is only skin deep, but when you do have bad skin you just, unfortunately, don’t feel as good as you should. It’s important to feel good about yourself on the inside.”


“Adwoa is always one of my beauty icons. I just, like, have her face as my screensaver and look at her all the time. I have so many beauty icons – I think all of the women in my family, or the incredible women I’ve met. Any woman is an icon to me just because they’ve been so strong. So incredible and don’t get enough credit most of the time.”

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cara delevingne


“I am an eyes person but it depends. Sometimes it’s just the brows, or no make-up. I think I like to do either a lot of make-up or none. I’m kind of all or nothing. It is very rare that I will go for eyes and a lip. Unless I want to really do something major, or just really do drag queen, with full contouring and everything.”


“I like having a really good mascara. You can’t really go wrong with that. I’m just always a fan of the Twiggy mascara eyes. Or just having a really good concealer. It’s all you need. Like a little bit under the eye. It can cover up a lot.”


“Mine is squeezing spots! I’m a pop-oholic. My own and other people’s spots too! 100 per cent – I am obsessed.”


“I love a massage. I’m someone that travels way too much and that has way too many back problems. I like really hot, deep and painful ones. And also the ones where they release your jaw from the inside. There’s one incredible lady called Josie in LA – don’t steal her! For facials I go to this facialist in LA and she is a goddess. Also, Suki’s dad – Mr Waterhouse at Waterhouse Young on Devonshire Street – is brilliant. He’s the best. I’m always very interested in the new advances in facial technology.”


“There’s a lot more to play around with when you have shorter hair. When I had long hair I was a lot lazier with doing stuff to it. As soon as you do start to play, you realise there’s so much you can do. It’s endless, and with short hair you can also always wear a wig. I do get very hot headed though.”


“I love to smell good. I think everyone does. But it changes a lot because I like to mix it up. Sometimes I like to wear nothing but I think wearing a perfume is such a nice thing. It takes a while for me to get used to it. A perfume can smell so different on one person than another. I’ve smelled Her on a few of my friends and it smelled completely different just because of the way they wear it. I think smell is such an important thing that you can link it so much to memory.”

cara delevingne

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“It has been eight years since I worked with Burberry (on a new campaign) but I didn’t go anywhere. I shot it before I knew that Christopher Bailey was going anywhere, but I will always do anything for this brand, and for Christopher especially. I had never shot with Juergen before, and he’s always been one of my favourite photographers. We shot this before he had worked with Adwoa Aboah and it is just a very different style to previous things I had done with Burberry. I think Juergen encapsulates the brand well because it is very raw. There was not a lot of hair and make-up and we very much just walked around and went on a whim, he and I together. We just really had such a free and fun experience together. It hardly feels like work. It just feels like going home.”


“Rihanna is teaching teens how to just get it right. It’s weird, I feel like that awkward teenage stage is over and that I was one of the last to go through it. I remember when I was a kid, I was so bad – all I used to do was just cake on foundation and eyeliner. Now I look at teenagers today and I’m like “What?!” Less and less teenagers are looking like that. I see them and I’m like: “How do they do that make-up? It’s so hard!””

cara delevingne


“It’s something very diverse and unique that can’t really be defined. I think Burberry really encapsulates that because I feel it’s unique to everybody. There’s something truly British about that “don’t care – do care” attitude. It’s also very collective in the way that people mix and match what they wear – things from different, eras, places, mixing it up with designer and vintage – it’s always a nice melting pot of things. I think British beauty is being confident and comfortable in what you wear and how you hold yourself. It doesn’t matter what you wear, just as long as you “wear” it, not the other way around.”

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