Career in Fashion in 21st Century

The fashion industry is a pretty fast and ever-evolving industry. This industry shows us how important it is to be in trend and know the fashion segment which is trendy. Trends do change often and come in a new avatar.  So if you want to build a career in the fashion industry, here are a couple of points for you:

1. One outfit, multiple looks

Although we are constantly taking inspiration from past trends and looks, the trend which stood out is the odd one. How diverse a look or outfit can be with the minimum change in the overall look.

Everyone try a different look throughout the day because they want to stand out – be it in the office or in the party. If you want to be in trend, try a different look.

2. Globally functional clothing

People now want to look good with the clothes available across the globe. While Indian-wear is evolving around sarees in a western manner. Outfits that will suit every country and still showcase their own style is something that can be the global fashion.

3. Comfort wear

While in the race of being trendy, everyone should notice one thing, the significant growth in comfort, casual, daily wear as well. People want to be comfortable with clothes which they wear – be it in the office and party.

Comfortable, easy to wear and flexible clothing is something which everyone loves. People are keener on wearing those clothes what is right for them according to their comfort level.

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