Causes of Hair-fall

Who doesn’t want to have smooth and long hair? But, many factors can affect your hair growth. If you are facing hair-fall issues, you must seek to find out its cause in order to treat the cause.

Following are some of the factors that lead to hair loss:

Yes! If your father, grand father or great grand father suffering from hair loss , you are likely to face the same. Even the patterns of hair growth and baldness are largely influenced by that ancestors. However, if you really wish to keep hair away from following the same pattern, ensure that you take sufficient nutrition and rest.

Yes! You read it right! Stress can cause damage to your hair as well. It is responsible for thinning your hair. When you’re stressed, your hair follicles can fall into a state of rest meaning they stop making hair. So, avoid living a stressful life or being anxious. You may see a huge difference by managing the stress.

Medical conditions and treatments
Hair loss can often occurs as a result of ang medical condition or as a part of treatment such as in cancer patients. Medicines can affect your hair follicles.

Hormone imbalance
Imbalance of hormones such as lack of production of testosterone in men, or progesterone in women, can also lead to severe hair fall. No matter what you apply over your head, if your hormones do not get balanced, you may not get assistance with hairfall.

Vitamin deficiencies
Lack of vitamins, minerals or iron can cause hair fall. Although occasionally, it can lead to loss of hair and therefore thinning of hair. Iron helps carry oxygen around the body and a deficiency can thin your hair. Low zinc intake can also lead to such deficiencies, since, it helps with the growth by repairing hair.

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