Cell Phone Etiquettes You Should Know

We all have cell phones these days and we use it regularly to be in touch with our friends, families or colleagues. However, there are certain rules we need to adhere to while using our cell phones in public places or professional settings.

  • Put your phone away at the dining table

It is rude to be on call while having dinner in public. Being courteous in public to both your dining partner and other diners is important, therefore you should refrain yourself from surfing your mobile. Although if there is an emergency, then explain the situation to your dining partners and take the call by excusing yourself.

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  • Never Shout

Try not to raise your voice while being in call if you are in public. No one else needs to be privy to your conversations or your arguments. If you can’t hear someone then instead of shouting on the phone, kindly tell the other person that you will call them later.

  • Avoid texting

Don’t indulge in texting on your phone while attending a work meeting. This gives an impression to the other person that you are not interested or you are showing an attitude. Also, you don’t want your boss to look up to see you completely immersed in your phone, completely ignoring the issues that are being discussed.

  • Don’t use phone in the middle of a face-to-face conversation

Cell Phones can destroy all your interpersonal dealings. While you are interacting with somebody, don’t glance at your phone or start messaging someone. It is really rude and can affect your relations with the other person. If it is urgent, then excuse yourself and take the call after leaving the area.

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  • Never use phone while driving

This is the most basic etiquette we must be aware of. In Fact many states have rules regarding this and you can be in serious trouble if you get caught by the police while using your phone for texting or calling while driving.

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