Change In Nomination Rules Announced By The Oscars

Having the Oscars is the last thing that might be on everyone’s minds right now. However, a factor of intrigue is how will The Oscars even be conducted.

Every year, The Academy Awards honor the best movies made the previous year around the world. However, 2020 has been a unique year in that hardly any movie has received a theatrical release. This is obviously due to the stringent rules of social distancing.

With this, the questions become as to what will be the rules for awarding the best movies of 2020 at the Academy Awards 2021. They have decided to bring one of the biggest rule changes. Let’s find out what that is.

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The Oscars


The Oscars have decided to bring about a big rule change. According to it, movies that have been streamed on platforms like Netflix and not released in theatres will also be included in the mix.

That’s a big departure from the earlier stand of the Oscars who have been completely against a release on streaming platforms. This was to save the theatres. However, even now, only those movies will be allowed which initially planned a theatrical release but we’re forced to release on streaming platforms due to the pandemic.

The Oscars

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Notably, Netflix has been forced to release The Irishman in theatres in the past to make it eligible for the Oscars. Even then, it couldn’t win a single award despite bagging ten nominations. That’s enough to show the stand against Netflix that is prevalent at The Academy Awards in these times.

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