Character Judgement – The Right Way To Do It

On a general basis, people tend to choose external characteristics in order to judge someone’s character. However, experts know full well that subtle attributes are the real window into who someone really is.

So, how can you find out what kind of a person someone really is?

Let’s find out.



Displays of anger are considered to be one of the easiest ways to judge someone’s character. Even though everyone gets angry sometimes, getting angry often and easily is a red flag. More often than not, anger can escalate into violence and aggressive behaviour.

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Character Judgement - The Right Way To Do It


Kindness does not have to be a quality that shines through at all times. You can really ascertain what kind of a person someone is by looking at the way they talk to people who one might not consider to be “equal” to themselves – cab drivers, waiters, shop attendants.


Part of being a good, responsible person is holding yourself accountable for your actions. If someone tends to pass on the blame for their mistakes to someone else, they refuse to own up to who they really are and what they are capable of.

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Character Judgement - The Right Way To Do It


The way that people interact with others online, for instance in emails, can say a lot about them. Excessive use of exclamation points indicates a cheerful attitude, whereas too many questions signify anger.


The perception people have of other people’s suffering represents how much they care about others. This includes the way they talk about refugees, immigrants, or differently-abled people. A person who does so negative light would refuse to acknowledge your pain when you talk to them about it.

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