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WhatsApp was a massive hit since it launched in 2009, and now it has become the most common medium of communication in the world, regardless of many competitors it faced. WhatsApp has been the global leader in instant messaging since its inception. This has only been due to the developers’ enthusiasm in keeping up with the user expectations and suggestions, giving importance to user privacy by enabling end-to-end encryption, and testing out timely, and interesting features with each update.

So what has rolled out in the latest updates? See below (also includes beta features).

Improved group features (Android, iOS)

Want to state the purpose of your group to all the members? Add a small description to your group, like the group guidelines, stating what kind of posts you want or don’t want inside the group.

The new update also allows you to se`arch for group members in the ‘group info’ pane.

Were you offline when the group became active? No worries. Any messages that are replies to your previous messages, or have mentioned you in it, can be quickly accessed using the ‘@’ that pops up in the bottom right of the screen.

WhatsApp also empowers the group admins. Admins can now revoke admin rights of other users in a group, and the group creator can’t be kicked out of the group. Also the admin can decide who gets to change the name, icon and description of the group. Power to you!

Also, do you have that one group you are fed up of, but gets added to every time when you try to leave? Thanks to the new update, it won’t happen again. Users are unable to repeatedly add back contacts to the groups from which they have left.

New number notification (Android beta, iOS)

Have you ever changed your number and had to call or message all of your friends over an over to let them know? WhatsApp now allows you to select and notify contacts about you changing your number, right after you change your number in the settings pane.

High priority notifications (Android beta)

Have that special contact whose updates need to show in the top of the notifications every time you get pinged by them? Check the ‘High Priority Notification’ box in the contact’s settings, and you’ll never miss an update from your favorite contacts.

The ‘Request Money’ feature in WhatsApp Payments (Android beta)

Urgently need some money? No need to switch apps, just request some from your friend! After WhatsApp recently rolled out the Payments feature in its Android platform, users can now request payments from other users who have enabled WhatsApp Payments in their phones.

The in-app YouTube video playing feature has not yet been rolled out in the Android version of the app. This is a widely appreciated feature in the iOS version, and I wonder why WhatsApp developers are hesitant to add this to the Android beta release, at least. Surely, with Telegram gaining wider popularity all over the world, WhatsApp will have to increase the group and file sharing limit, privacy features, and also cooler, more interesting features.

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