Chicken – Flavour and Health, All in One!

The non-vegetarian menu at any place is incomplete without at least 3 chicken dishes. Chicken is the heart of non-vegetarian cuisine in India. Knowingly or unknowingly, chicken eaters garner a lot of health benefits from eating it.

Although it can prove to be unhealthy if raised in unhygienic conditions, chicken in a general sense is a really healthy source of nutrients.

It is a lean meat, which means it has a relatively low fat content. It can be baked, grilled, barbecued, fried, and boiled, depending on its purpose.

But what are the benefits of chicken that make it so healthy, even more so than red meat?

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Source of Protein

The reason that this meat is a part of bodybuilding diets is that it has a high protein content. Protein is extremely important for building muscles.

Helps in losing weight

Given that it is a lean meat, chicken helps with losing weight. It has a lower fat content compared to other meats.

Healthy bones

It is also a good source of calcium and phosphorous. This means that it helps in strengthening the bones. Some studies have also shown that eating it reduces the risk of arthritis.

Relieves stress

Chicken can be termed as a one-stop-shop when it comes to important nutrients. Apart from calcium, protein, and phosphorous, it is also rich in tryptophane, vitamin B5, and magnesium. Tryptophane and vitamin B5 help relieve stress. On the other hand, magnesium helps relieve PMS symptoms.

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Immunity builder

More often than not, doctors recommend chicken soups to those suffering from a cold or flu. This is because the meat helps bolster immune cells in the body. It is recommended as a soup because the steam from the soup helps clear the nasal passages.

So, chicken not only satisfies your taste buds, it also satisfies the body’s nutritional demands. Talk about killing two birds with one stone!

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