China Responds To USA’s Stand On Uyghur Muslims

The United States has finally taken a stand on the treatment of Uyghur Muslims by China. The Donald Trump-led administration has decided to sanction those Chinese officials who are responsible for arbitrary detention, torture, and other forms of human rights violations.

This move has drawn sharp condemnation from the Chinese who call it an interference with the policy of the country. They have warned the US of consequences. This will further serve in harming the already strained relations between the two countries.

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The statement was released by the Chinese foreign ministry. They have accused the US of showcasing hypocrisy on counter-terrorism efforts. That’s what China describes its policies as.


The Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson was quick to condemn. He spoke very negatively about the United States.

China Responds To USA's Stand On Uyghur Muslims

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“China strongly deplores the US signing into law of the ‘Uyghur Human Rights Policy Act of 2020’. We urge the US side to respect China’s counter-terrorism and de-radicalization efforts, stop applying double standards on counter-terrorism issues, and stop using Xinjiang-related issues as a pretext to interfere in China’s internal affairs,” according to the statement on the ministry website.

With this, the Uyghur Muslim matter will further be internationalized. The US has said that it will seize the properties of the determined officers who are convicted. They will be further not allowed to come to the United States of America in the future.

The US is obviously taking a confrontational attitude. If the past is anything to go by, China does not respond well to threats. Especially those which it considers as internal matters.

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