Chocolates That Retain Shape And Taste In Warm Temperatures Patented

Chocolates are probably the most eaten dessert in the world. Thought the globe, they enjoy a huge degree of popularity among cultures and diverse ways of eating and lifestyles.

However, one restriction to their consumption in warmer areas is their tendency to pose taste, shape and structure in increased temperatures. This makes them not worth eating. It seems like chocolate companies may have found the solution.

The latest innovations will allow them to serve chocolates in their best possible form even in regions with high temperatures. This will certainly save many costs of refrigeration. Let’s find out some more details.

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Chocolates That Retain Shape And Taste In Warm Temperatures Patented


Mars Inc has developed a chocolate packaging which will ensure that the sweet remains in eating condition even in higher temperatures. Usually, chocolates can’t survive in temperatures which are above 37 degree celsius.

Cocoa butter was used until this point to preserve the taste of the chocolate at higher temperatures. However, it failed in temperatures which were higher than the prescribed limit.

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Chocolates That Retain Shape And Taste In Warm Temperatures Patented

The new making procedure ensures that the chocolate will not melt at a temperature even as high as 105-degree celsius. The change introduced is not just in packaging but also in the inner composition of the chocolate. The kind of sugar used has been modified to not melt even at the high temperatures.

This will certainly give the company an edge not just in the eyes of retailers but also consumers. The preference for chocolate that does not melt will obviously increase. That’s why the company deserves appreciation for introducing this amazing thing to the sweet world.

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