Choosing the best earrings for your face shape

Do you feel that some kind of earrings are just not for you? The face shape does matter when deciding earrings or different kinds. And to help you, here is a guide to help you match the best earrings with your face.


Oval face shape

People with oval face are the luckiest as they can pull off not only earrings but all face accessories of any shape and style. Oval is the perfect shape and if you have it, then you can be as experimenting as you want and try different sizes and shapes of earrings, even the largest of the hoops.


Round face shape

A round face is full all around and doesn’t taper towards the chin. Since the face is already round, try avoiding round earrings. Rather, go for teardrop shapes and long dangling or chain earrings to create the perfect balance.


Square face shape

The square face has the same width at the cheekbones and the jawline. What it’s missing are some prominent curves. So to balance it out, go for hoop or round earrings and studs of all sizes and avoid earrings with definite edges.


Oblong face shape

Oblong face is longer, narrow and slender. The curve of this face seems to be oblong. To create the perfect illusion of balance and get a fuller effect, go for studs and cluster earrings. While going for longer earrings, go for earrings that have shapes at the bottom.


Heart face shape

As the name suggests, this face resembles a heart. The forehead is wider and the chin is narrower for a heart face. The perfect earrings for this shape are the ones that point the focus on the cheekbones. For balancing, go for various danglers, drop earrings and teardrop style earrings but avoid earrings that are too thin to keep the focus off your chin.


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Diamond face shape

People with a diamond face have prominent cheekbones and a narrow chin and forehead. Your best bet is going for earrings that have curves to retain the balance. Try out danglers and long earrings that don’t go beyond your chin and of course, studs!


Earrings are one of the most crucial accessories and with the right pair, you’re ready to kill it.

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