Choosing the best lipstick shade based on your skin undertone

Lips do all the talking. Deciding a nice lipstick shade doesn’t seem like a big deal as we all understand the shades that suit our skin tone. However, we tend to ignore the undertones at times and don’t understand how a lipstick shade that is perfect for our skin tone doesn’t suit us.

Understand your undertone

There are basically three types of skin undertones- cool undertones, warm undertones and neutral undertones.

Cool undertone

People with fairer skin generally tend to have cool undertones. This undertone is determined by pink, blue or reddish hue to the skin. The other factors by which you can figure out if you have a cool undertone is if your skin burns before it tans, the veins in your hands look blue and if silver jewellery complements you. To complement the undertone, the ideal lipstick shade should also have blue or purple undertones. While going for a red lipstick, choose the ones that are deep red and are closer to purple undertone. Stay away from shades of orange or any shade that is too light.

Warm undertone

Warm undertones are determined by yellow, olive or golden hue to the skin. People with warm undertones tend to get tanned easily and can pull off gold jewellery better than silver jewellery. The veins in the wrists appear green for people with this undertone. To create the balance, the ideal lipstick shade for people with this tone would be any shade that also has the same undertone. You could go for lipsticks with orange or golden undertones. While choosing a red lipstick, go for lighter reds like vermillion and orangish reds.

Neutral undertone

People with neutral undertones are the luckiest and can be as experimental as they want to be. Both silver and gold jewellery complements the neutral undertone. The veins appear to be both green and blue for the people with this undertone. Since you have the qualities of both warm and cool undertones, there are no restrictions when it comes to choosing the correct lipstick shade for your undertone. You can mix and match anything as per your mood.

Pro tip: If you’re still confused with your undertone, you can go for the shades that match your skin tone as well.

If you have a fair skin tone, you can go for darker or bolder shades to create a contrast and drama.

If you have a medium/ olive skin tone, you can go for pinks, nudes and corals.

If you have a dark skin tone, you can go for deeper shades like copper bronze or wine hues and cherry reds.

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