Choosing the best suited earphones for you

Leaving your home without your earphones is a horror story. We need music to go through with our day. Whether its daily commute or trying to focus too hard at work, you always need background music to set the right mood. So, it only makes sense to invest smartly into a pair of earphones and buy yourself the most comfortable and convenient ones. Here’s what to keep in mind before deciding the most suitable earphones for yourself.

Comfort quotient and the right fit

With so many choices of types in earphones, you need to figure out what works out for you the best. You can go for in-ear earphones or on-ear earphones depending on what fits you, is stable around your ears and doesn’t hurt your ears. The best way to figure out if the earphones are for you or not is to wear them for 20 minutes and notice if it gets uncomfortable. It is an important factor as you’ll be carrying them around for long durations of time and you don’t want them to hurt your ears or have to keep adjusting them every now and then.


You don’t want to spend a fortune on your earphones only for them to stop working in a few months. Now you can’t just figure out the durability while buying them so it is advised you check out online reviews of the product and do a proper research before putting your money into it. You could also go with earphones having durable wires if you’re buying wired earphones and go for the earphones that come with warranty.


Portability is not really an issue with earphones as they are meant to be carried. However, you could use them for different situations. Like you can’t use your normal wired earphones in the gym as they may keep falling or keep getting in the way of you working out. So, consider the design of the earphones and how you’d be using them before buying to serve the purpose.


To buy wired or non-wired earphones could be a difficult choice to make. There could be positives and negatives for both. While wired earphones have better sound quality than some non-wired ones, they could easily get tangled and might not be suitable for all the situations. If you’re looking for some good quality earphones for everyday life, you could go for wired ones. Whereas, if you want them to be more functional, you can opt for the non-wired ones as you can carry them easily even in the gym or while driving.


Pricing of a pair of earphones is one of the major deciding factors while buying one. You don’t want to burn a hole in your pocket trying to buy a pair of earphones. The best way to go about is to set a budget and search for the earphones with desired features available within that. It could take a little while but it could also crack you a good deal well within your budget. There are so many options with multiple features available in a moderate range that you don’t have to spend a lot to achieve the comfort and convenience you desire from your earphones.

Before you buy yourself a new pair of earphones, always make sure to read the reviews and ask the experts at the electronics shop and you might end up with a better deal than you expected.

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