Choosing the best sunglasses for your face shape

The season of #sunglassesselfie is here. With all the choices out there it could get really difficult to find the perfect one for you. Here are the most suitable sunglasses as per the shape of your face.

There are basically six types of face shapes.

Oval Shape

Oval is considered as the most versatile face shape. Oval faces are gently rounded and a little longer than wider. People with this face shape have the most options as they can pull off any face accessories easily. However, rectangle shaped frames are best suitable as they have a horizontal orientation to balance the face’s vertical shape. The other frame shapes you can go for are retro square and round.

Round Shape

A round shaped face is identified by its prominent curves and less defined angles. So the eyewear with more defined angles and edges would be appropriate to give the face a thinner and sharper look. The best suitable frames for this face shape would be cat eye, aviators, retro squared and angular frames.

Square Shape

Square shaped faces are characterised by broad foreheads and strong jawlines. Due to the sharp features and less curves, curved sunglasses are recommended to balance out. Frames like cat eye, round, oval and aviators would suit best while rectangle and square frames are no show.

Diamond Shape

Diamond face shape is considered to be the rarest of all. It is characterised by wide cheekbones and narrow forehead and chin. There are plenty of options for people with this face shape. Frames with gentle curves like oval, round, cat eye, aviators and clubmasters would all look good. However, avoid going for frames bigger than the cheekbones.

Heart Shape

Heart shaped faces, often reffered as triange shaped faces are widest at the temple and narrowest at the jaw. Bottom-heavy frames would go best for this face shape to create a dimensional balance. Frames like clubmaster, aviators, cat eye and any teardrop shaped frames are to go for.

Oblong Shape

Also called as rectangular shaped faces, oblong shaped faces are long and narrow with undefined angles. Rectangular frames would be best to create the horizontal balance. Other options to go for are vintage and soft curved lenses like retro square frames, wayfarers and rounded corners. However, avoid going for smaller frames as they might give the illusion of making your face look bigger than it actually is.

It’s time to shop for your favourite sunglasses and flaunt in style.

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