Coffee and Its Effects

Coffee is one of the drinks which [eople have on a daily basis without knowing its pros or cons. Sometimes it becomes a habit that people can’t stay without it for a day. However, it is necessary to know whether it is good for health or not.

Negative effects

Since many years, doctors asked people to avoid coffee because it increases the risk of heart disease and stunt growth too. Even people could become addicted to the energy which caffeine provides. Even coffee damages the digestive tract, which could lead to the stomach ulcers, heartburn and other illness as well

However, research reveals that coffee lovers don’t seem to have a higher risk for heart problems or cancer than them who don’t drink it. Even recent studies also says no significant link between coffee and heart-related issues like high cholesterol, irregular heartbeats, stroke or heart attack too.

Positive Effects

Studies reveal that people who drink it regularly may havelower risk of diabetis than non-drinkers, because of the ingredients in coffee that affects the levels of hormones which involved in metabolism.

Even research says who drink several cups of coffee a day they actually have a lower risk of strokeas it keeps the vessels flexible and healthy which reduce the risk of atherosclerosis that cause the heart attacks.

How much coffee is safe?

As many said too much coffee can cause problems, especially the digestive tract, studies suggest that four 8-ounce cups of coffee per day is safe for people. However, this wouldn’t be an isssue as people love to have it and this is one of the healthiest things one can do as well.

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