Common Signs of Burnout

Being burned out means feeling empty and mentally exhausted, devoid of motivation, and beyond caring. Burnout often gives you a feeling of emptiness as you fail to find positivity in life and find yourself getting drowned in negativity. Nobody wants to experience the feeling of burnout as the trauma is so much that a person often starts questioning his existence. In this article, let’s discuss some common signs that indicate that towards burnout.

Emotional and mental exhaustion

In your mind, you never feel fresh or lively. You feel so much burdened by the things that your brain seems to have lost all its power of introspecting and working in the right direction to make things better. Emotional and mental exhaustion is considered one of the first signs of burnout. Apart from feeling lost mentally, you start neglecting your emotional self too including the relationships that were too precious for you and were the reason behind your sanity.

Change in mood

You experience sudden changes in your mood. This potentially means that your emotions fluctuate so rapidly that even you can’t seem to wrap your head around the same. There at moments, when at the same time you are feeling all the emotions together, happiness, sadness, excitement, gloominess, loneliness, or emptiness. This isn’t a good news that this means that you are heading towards your point of saturation and you need to buckle up before things go way out of your control.

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Trouble concentrating

One of the key signs of burnout is a significant decrease in your concentration power. No matter how willing you are to do something, you no longer are able to concentrate on the matter at hand. Your mind keeps on wandering here and there and you often find yourself getting lost in an imaginary world.

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