Controversial Facebook’s Trending Section finally makes its exit

Yes, you heard that right.
On an interesting press conference conducted on Friday, (June 1st, 2018) Facebook mentioned that it would permanently remove its Trending Section.
The removal of this section on the top right corner of your Facebook pages will be done from the next week.

Why did Facebook create a Trending Section?

Well, the truth is Facebook never meant ill to anyone. They just wanted to give an insight of all the trending stories to its users. And thus, the Trending section was available on the Facebook pages to 5 countries from 2014.
Unfortunately Facebook received terrible response which could very well be the reason for its shutdown in the following week.

What were the issues faced by Facebook’s Trending Section?

From the year 2016, Facebook’s infamous Trending Section faced many downfalls. Here are few of the major setbacks –

  • Fake News – First and foremost in 2016, the Trending Section received a lot of controversy due to its 9/11 hoax news. Another one of the false news was an article about the FOX-NEWS anchor – Megyn Kelly.
  • PR nightmare – Since the fake news, Facebook received a huge hit in its PR. On an average, there were just 1.5 percent of clicks to the news publishers. It turned out to be less and less useful, according to Alex Hardiman, who is Facebook’s head of the news products.
  • No Facts – A recent issue was the supermoon telecast in February this year. It received 16 million+ views but it was nothing but a simple image with some sound effects.
  • Election Issues – Facebook tend to ruin its Trending Reputation’s even more by giving out wrong details about campaigns. It further led to tampering with the elections.
  • Late news – Facebook’s Trending Section was also a prey to late news. Many failed to click on this Trending news since it was just a copy of Twitter news at times.

What is the alternative approach by Facebook?

Facebook has indeed given a thought to improve on their mistakes by the following ways –

  • “Breaking News” – Facebook would still like to spread news but it’s doing so with a new label known as “Breaking News”. It has been tested by 80 publishers. It’s known to have increased its click rate by 4 percent, like rates by 7 percent and its share rate by 11 percent.
  • Today In – Facebook has also made a new section for local news called Today In. This has also been tested in 33 different US cities and is said to have increased a tremendous amount of outbound traffic to the publishers directly.
  • Videos – Facebook has realised that most of its users like to see videos than read. Hence, it’s planning on launching daily news videos, live coverage, etc. on its Watch Tab.

This could indeed be a positive move by Facebook. But one can only tell after the practical results.
Hence, let’s wait as well as hope it’s a good move by Facebook, and watch out for the perks of its new approach.


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