Converse Releases Cool New UV-Activated Sneakers!

Yeah, you heard that right. Sneakers just got cooler!

Everyone loves to sport a pair of white sneakers. It is just so comforting and goes well with almost anything. But just when we thought white sneakers are the best, Converse decides to make things more colorful by releasing cool new UV-Activated sneakers. Clearly, these can definitely go with every cloth you wear.

The Rainbow Colored UV-Activated Converse Sneakers –

The new Converse collection, in collaboration with Chinatown Market, is like a mood ring for your feet: they look like regular white sneakers but change colors when exposed to UV light.

Basically, if you step outside wearing these white shoes, they change colors due to the UV rays falling on it from the sun. Depending on how much UV light the shoe receives, the intensity also changes from pastel shades to vivid colors. The transformation happens pretty quickly, as demonstrated by Chinatown Market in an Instagram teaser.

The shoe is divided into four color quadrants, giving it a rainbow look when they receive enough light to glow in full color. The soles on the underside give a preview of the colors the white Converse might turn into when they’re brightened up.


ChinaTown’s Innovative Idea –

Chinatown Market founder and lead designer Mike Cherman saw the classic kicks as a “blank canvas” full of design opportunity; which ultimately led to the UV-activated nature of the shoes.

It morphs, it changes, and it interacts with the user and the environment it’s in,” Cherman told Sneaker News about the shoes. “I think that’s what’s so fun about this project. It makes the shoe more than just a shoe. It’s a conversation piece, something that’s unique to the wearer. These hues [on the shoe] change in their own way, and some colors will last longer while others will last for a shorter time period. It’s the beauty of the shoes: how unique they are.”

He also pointed out that the color-changing nature will make you feel like a kid again:

“You know, for me as a kid, when I was buying clothes, I’d always look for something with extra features or functions,” he told Sneaker News. “I think that giving a kid a UV shirt; it gives them a whole other function of their shirt that they can show their friends; and it does something more than just ‘buy this shirt, it’s got a graphic, you see what it is.’”

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Availability – When And Where?

The UV-activated sneakers will come in high-top and low-top versions available for $100 and $95, respectively. According to a press release, they’ll be available to shop in-person at ComplexCon Chicago and will be available on the Chinatown Market website on July 20 and 21. A broader release will become available starting Aug. 2.

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  1. that’s a revolutionary. .it sounds pretty good and nice. .I can wait to Dornan one right now to let me feel pretty and good.

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