Convo lets you track your employees’ eyes on the memo

Ever wondered how to avoid your employees’ ignorance on an announcement? Or how to find out who has actually read the message and who hasn’t?
Well, don’t worry anymore as Convo is the new hero.

What is Convo?

Convo is basically a tool that is best described as a real time company message board. It lets you see which of the employees got the memo sent by you and who hasn’t seen it yet.

Few days back, Convo had announced about their new feature – automated acknowledgments. This feature tends to be one of the corporate world’s biggest solution. Every company’s CEO undergoes this problem of being ignored by their employees. When the company wants to send out a memo or notice to the entire company, the process becomes tedious and also you wouldn’t know who is lying. The simple answer that they come up with is “Sorry sir, I haven’t seen the mail /  message / memo yet.”

Well, employees, beware because if your company has this tool then they would find out who has actually acknowledged the memo and who is lying otherwise.

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What does Convo do?

Convo’s new tool makes it pretty easy. All you have to to do is write your post like any other, but check the “Recipients must acknowledge to view” box before sending it out.

When it pops up in your colleagues’ Convo timeline, it’ll be almost entirely blurred. Just a subject line which would prompt asking them to acknowledge the post. Once they deliberately acknowledge it, the post is de-blurred, the original poster gets an alert letting them know someone has read it, and the reader’s name moves from the “Has not seen” to the “Has seen” list.

Basically, Firstly with this, you can make sure that everyone gets the memo and they have seen it. Secondly, you get the required automatically generated list to fulfill any compliance requirements.
Also, if you’re using Convo’s group features correctly, it should only show up for people you intend to see it in the first place.

Who can get this feature?

This feature, as mentioned earlier, was announced last week. According to the news, it will be available for all the Convo networks from the next month. Probably the makers would limit the feature to Enterprise level of customers.

As a fact of the possibility of this feature’s success, well one must only wait and find out.

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Navaneetha Suresh

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