Coronavirus And How It’s Affecting The Freelance Industry

The Coronavirus crisis is sure to have a definite impact on the economic health of communities all around the world. Most of these jobs are constituents of an unorganized sector where employers don’t usually adhere to a contract and even in normal times, they hold the power to fire you at will.

While some employers are thoughtful of the new unprecedented crisis, others are not so keen on allowing this breathing space to their employees.

An example of this is the freelancer industry. Let’s find out how this industry has been devastated.

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Coronavirus And How It's Affecting The Freelance Industry


Freelancing has become a preferred job option for many youngsters around the world. The no-contract nature of the job allows them to do multiple things at the same time without being bound by a single company.

However, that also means that they don’t have a fixed income and that it usually fluctuates, sometimes a little too hard. Even then, the nature of the work means that they know the seasonal pattern of their work and that their income stabilises over the year. Generally, they know that a six month period may be good and the other six bad.

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However, the current crisis is different in the terms that there is a great degree of uncertainty over the length of the slump. People don’t know when they will be back into work. Even during the bad times, the freelancers got some degree of work to get by. However, there have been months where certain freelancers admitted to earning nothing.

When you put this in the context of paying loans and rent, you begin to confront the grim nature of this dangerous crisis.

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