Coronavirus And Its Mental Health Consequences

As America tries to recover from the ruins of the Coronavirus pandemic, the scars may be deeper than what seems at hindsight. Not only has the pandemic led to a toll on the physical health of people and their economic capabilities, it is also beginning to show a serious rate of depreciation of their mental health.

Extended periods of time in isolation is making people feel the travails of anxiety and depression at a much more aggravated level.

This has now been proven by research. Let’s find out what were the conclusions of this important research.

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Coronavirus And Its Mental Health Consequences


A new poll by the Kaiser Family Foundation published on April 2 shows that the pandemic is having a devastating impact on the psychological well being of nearly all the residents of America.

Around 45% of adults say that the crisis has had a negative impact on their mental health. This included 53% women and 37% men.  19% go on to say that it has had a “major impact”. As was expected, even among these numbers, the vulnerable sections have faced the brunt.

The rates are slightly higher among women, Hispanic adults and black adults. The reasons are pretty obvious. Major reasons of the mental health crisis have been the fear in people of their decelerating physical and economic health.

Financially, these communities form the unorganized sector and will hence face the heat of the coming economic crisis. Women also have to face an increased degree of domestic abuse with an extended lockdown. That’s where all the trouble begins.

Coronavirus And Its Mental Health Consequences

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However, efforts being undertaken by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo at this juncture are truly proving to be exemplary. He’s ordered the setting up of a mental health helpline which is staffed by 6000 volunteers. He announced on March 25 that the state of New York was also partnering with Headspace. It will be offering free mindfulness content to all New Yorkers, in collaboration with the popular meditation app.

Let’s see if other authorities can also catch on to this example and help their respective communities in these dire times.

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