Coronavirus – Deadly Disease Reaches USA

It’s official. The deadly Coronavirus has reached the United States of America. A case of the deadly disease has been reported along the American West Coast. Let’s first understand what the Coronvavirus is and from where it has come.


Coronavirus spreads from animals to people but can also be spread through coughing, sneezing and through close contact with an infected person. Hence, the virus is highly contagious and has drawn frightening comparisons to the SARS outbreak of 2002 that killed nearly 800 people.

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The effects of the disease have been felt in China as the super deadly disease has caused pillage. More than 200 cases have been confirmed with the country being put on alert. In fact, a case has also been reported in the neighbouring country of South Korea.

The source of the disease is said to be Wuhan in China from where the disease is spreading quickly and widely through human touch. Six people are already said to be dead.

On Tuesday, the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed that the first US case of Coronavirus had emerged.


Thankfully, the concerned minds are already at work to find a solution to the problem at hand. The World Health Organization gathered a panel of experts on Coronavirus Wednesday in Geneva to determine whether the outbreak constitutes an international public health emergency and how it can be managed. Importantly, it must be noted that the disease has already affected more than a dozen countries.

Countries like USA and China still have the requisite healthcare facilities to protect their populations. However, the world should be prepared for the worst if the disease somehow reaches the poor regions of Asia and Africa. With below par health facilities, the disease can cause rampage.

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Thus, international cooperation is a must at the moment. Additionally, prevention should be exercised in order to protect yourself from the harmful effects of the disease. As the disease is communicable, some basic measures like wearing a mask and maintaining personal hygiene can go a long way in ensuring optimal safety.

Let’s hope the disease can see its end without more human lives being lost in the process.

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