Coronavirus Deaths Piling Up, Still Not A Pandemic

As the world is writhing with the pain of the Coronavirus, the action has been unfolding at a slow pace in the US. Even though there have been 19 reported deaths until this point, the administration and institutions continue to have a beleaguered response.

However, this lax approach is not restricted to the administration. Even the WHO has refused to tackle this emergency at war mode. In fact, it has not even labelled the crisis as a pandemic up until this point in time.

What are the reasons for this approach? Let’s find out.

Coronavirus Deaths Piling Up, Still Not A Pandemic


Mike Ryan, a physician who is heading the emergency operations of the organization had these reasons for the approach –

“One of the dangers of using the pandemic word is that you would want containment to continue,” Ryan said. However, he also said that “I would urge all our member states to be ready for very serious, sustained community transmission.”

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The officials have also defended their controversial decision by citing countries like Brazil which have had few to no cases. However, is there a lot left to be achieved by containment?

Amesh Adalja, a senior scholar at Johns Hopkins Centre for health security would like to differ. While speaking to USA Today, this is what Adalja had to say –

Resources must be focused on “best use, which is not contact tracing. Which is not quarantining, which is not travel screening, which is not travel bans. It’s actually getting people on the ground to help with diagnostics. To help with public health communication. To help with hospital preparedness.”

However, the American government has gone one step further in downplaying the risks of the virus. President Trump has delegated the responsibility of dealing with the issue to the American Vice President Mike Pence.

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This is what Pence told reporters –

“The American people do not have to buy masks. The risk to Americans is low.”

While the response by the authorities is disgusting, the common people have to ramp up their preparations. At the moment, precautions being suggested by medical authorities are the best option. A thoughtful strategy will have to be unveiled to deal with the implications of the disease.

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