Coronavirus Face Mask For The Wealthy – Indian Man Gets Golden Mask Worth $4000

An Indian man has the eye of the Internet amidst the raging coronavirus pandemic. Shankar Kurade from Pimpri-Chinchwad in Pune, India decided to get a golden mask made for himself.

While people have been forced to wear masks as protection from Coronavirus, this man decided to raise the level.

Made of pure gold, the mask costs nearly $4000, which means a lot of money in Indian currency.

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Coronavirus Face Mask For The Wealthy - Indian Man Gets Golden Mask Worth $4000


The man said that the metallic mask was light-weight and weighed 50 grams with a few minute holes, ensuring that there is no difficulty in breathing. However, when asked about its efficacy, he said he wasn’t quite sure. “I am not sure whether this mask will be effective,” Kurade was quoted as saying by news agency ANI.

The mask is also etched with special patterns and designs and is secured by white elastic bands. Some might call it madness, for Kurade it’s the fulfillment of a weird kind of desire. However, his actions weren’t taken very kindly by the netizens.

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Coronavirus Face Mask For The Wealthy - Indian Man Gets Golden Mask Worth $4000

India is currently reeling with the effects of the pandemic and the poor population of the country has been disproportionately affected. In that scenario, the amount of money going towards that mask could have really helped put food on the table for families. However, Kurade decided to get an ornamental mask with little efficiency made out of the money.

Whatever happens, the future doesn’t look very good for the world. We need to learn to look out for each other during these times. It’s only then that we can save our civilization from one of the biggest challenges that we have seen in a long stretch.

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