Coronavirus Lockdowns – Father Builds A Playhouse For His Three Children

People all over the world are having a hard time dealing with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Owing to the fast spread of the virus, governments of various countries have imposed nation-wide and state-wide lockdowns. Thus, people are locked inside their houses.

No matter what age, everyone is finding it difficult to get by. However, it is a little bit more difficult for people with kids, who need constant entertainment.

However, a father from England found a solution to his problems.

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Coronavirus Lockdowns - Father Builds A Playhouse For His Three Children


Wayne Mulhollan is a father of three from Coventry, England.

To make his children feel a little better, Mulhollan constructed a playhouse in his background.

“I came up with the idea as my eight-year-old son loves being out in the garden, so as we are all on lockdown I thought to myself – I will build my boy a playhouse,” Wayne told

Being a concrete repairer and diamond driller, he used leftover materials from projects to build the playhouse. Interestingly, he did so without referring to any plans whatsoever.

“On my builds I’ve never drew anything up – this is built off the top of my head and all my work is all self-taught. Most of the materials used on this playhouse are recycled off sites I’ve been working on.”

Most of the materials that Wayne used in the process were recycled. Hence, he was able to construct the playhouse without spending a lot of money.

Coronavirus Lockdowns - Father Builds A Playhouse For His Three Children

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“The cost of the build was about £150 for  things like the trims around the windows, doors and garage door, the roof, felt, screws, plastic some CLS timber, hinges and a few other little bits I needed.”

In the end, Mulhollan was extremely satisfied with what he could do for his children.

“Now it’s finished, I’m really happy with it as it turned out a lot better than what I had in my head.”

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