Coronavirus Lockdowns – Therapy Apps To Help You Get Through

The coronavirus quarantine has been a tough time for each one of us who are stuck in our homes. However, for some more than others, it’s taking a very heavy toll.

This is because of various mental health problems that emerge over time. In such times, accessing a therapist is also really difficult. However, we have you covered in that regard.

There’s a wide list of online therapy options in the current times. You can access them depending on your requirements as well as budgetary constraints. Let’s find out what these apps are.

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Here are the best apps that provide online therapy.

Coronavirus Lockdowns - Therapy Apps To Help You Get Through


Olympic champion Michael Phelps has recommended this app in the past times. You can sign up for a variety of options which could include video therapy, texts or through a combination of both.

Depending on the medium and your frequency of use, you will be charged around $65-$99 on a weekly basis but monthly billing. It also offers special options for teens and couples. The good thing about it is the flexibility of use.

While in an actual therapy session, you have to wait for your appointment. Here, you can send in your queries as and when they come up for you. They will reply within a time period which is guaranteed.


BetterHelp matches you to a therapist based on a questionnaire. They must at least have an experience of 3 years and 2000 hours.

In fact, you are also allowed to switch counsellors if you can’t find your match. However, therapists can’t diagnose or prescribe over this particular platform. The good thing about it is that it’s very user friendly also providing an anonymity option.

In addition, it’s very affordable only costing between $40-$70 a week. It’s billed weekly but you can choose to cancel at any time you want to.

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This app matches you with your perfect therapist by using the information you provide through artificial intelligence. It’s very commitment friendly and you can subscribe for video sessions for $85 each.

It allows you to maintain a self-help checklist wherein you can track your own mood or variances in attitude. This helps in gaining agency. The good thing about it is that it has a network of therapists across various time zones.

That’s why even if your local therapist isn’t available at two in the night, there’s always someone you can talk to. It is also applicable against insurance which you can use if not satisfied. That’s what makes it one of the best apps that are available for a regular therapy session for a person.

Coronavirus Lockdowns - Therapy Apps To Help You Get Through


This app provides you with a very good option to keep things sorted with your significant other. It offers valuable couples therapy with both the partners sharing an account.

That means you and your partner have access to a room along with your therapist. That’s what provides the personal experience. In addition to live sessions, you can individually write your queries which will be seen by the therapist and used for providing feedback and advice to you.

The good thing about it is the flexibility it provides for couples therapy which is a great task in today’s times considering the problems with schedules. The only thing you need to do is write and describe your problems.

In addition, it is also affordable with only $40-$70 a week being the charges. That’s what gives it the edge.


This is a great initiative to help kids of 13-19 years of age in their therapy. They can’t always go to a therapist’s office without a parent which leads to a difficulty in conveying your thoughts openly.

This is due to an option for having an account only you and your therapist can access. Privacy is ensured in this manner. Parents are informed only if there is a chance of self-harm or harm to others.

Authorities are informed in cases of abuse. The teenager can schedule video or audio calls. Overall, the teen has four options which include messaging, live chatting, or scheduled phone and video sessions. Subscriptions are in the affordable range of $40-$70 a week and are not generally covered by insurance.

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