Coronavirus Shutdowns – 5 Documentaries To Watch

The entire world has almost come to a halt. The coronavirus pandemic has forced schools, colleges, offices, and factories to shut down. The virus has infected more than 750,000 people and claimed nearly 36,000 thousand. Both of these figures are constantly rising and show no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Thus, to slow down the spread of coronavirus as soon as possible, governments have implemented nation-wide and state-wide lockdowns. As a result, people are locked inside their homes. Even though office workers still have to work from home and students have to attend online classes, they have a lot of free time. People everywhere are bored, and no activity seems to be interesting for long.

However, movies and TV shows are the one activity that can entertain for hours on end. Moreover, they are a form of entertainment that doesn’t necessarily have to be just entertainment.

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Here are 5 documentaries you can watch to pass the time and know more about the world.


Boko Haram Huntress

Coronavirus Shutdowns - 5 Documentaries To Watch

This documentary revolves around the life of Aisha Bakari Gombi, the ‘Queen Hunter’. Aisha is one of very few women hunters enlisted by the Nigerian army to fight against Boko Haram, one of the deadliest armed groups in Africa.

“Boko Haram Huntress” is the 13th episode of season 12 of ‘Witness’, a TV programme aired on Al Jazeera English.

Brides and Brothels: The Rohingya Trade

Coronavirus Shutdowns - 5 Documentaries To Watch

As the name suggests, this documentary focuses on the women and girls of the Rohingya community.

Rohingyas are an Indo-Aryan ethnic group that have been fleeing from Myanmar after the 2016–17 crisis.

This documentary shows how instead of finding relief in Bangladesh’s refugee camps, thousands of women and girls were bought, sold and given away.

“Brides and Brothels: The Rohingya Trade” is the 6th episode of season 8 of ‘101 East’.

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Heroin’s Children

The three-time Emmy nominee documentary focuses on the indirect victims of the heroin epidemic, the children. A whole generation that had to suffer hardships because of their parents who were addicted to the drug.

“Heroin’s Children” is the 9th episode of season 6 of ‘Fault Lines’, a TV programme broadcasted on Al Jazeera English.

India’s Offside Girls

This documentary follows a girls’ football team from Laxmipur train for a match with a local boys’ team.

It shows the journey of a group of girls trying to establish themselves in a male-dominated sport. The girls’ football team from Laxmibai Sports Club is one of the only ones in the country.

Bahrain: Shouting in the Dark

Bahrain: Shouting in the Dark follows the Bahraini uprising of the Shia Muslim majority against the ruling Sunni minority.

The documentary consists of footage recorded during protests and police crackdowns, interviews with activists and physicians, as well as footage aired by state-owned television.

During a fight that was mostly ignored by the international media, Al Jazeera was the only news outlet that was able to gain access to the on-ground realities.


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